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Date: 29/08/2013

Travel Insurance for your over 65s

Sometimes a bit of extra cover is necessary if you're over 65. Nobody is saying that you'll end up claiming on your travel insurance, but you might have health issues which won't be covered by regular travel insurance, or you may be taking part in activities where there's a risk of injury - just because you're in your 60's doesn't mean that adrenaline sports aren't an option this summer! Whether you decide to take part in more leisurely holiday activities such as golfing or bowling, or try your hand at a new skill such as abseiling or kayaking, over 65's travel insurance will ensure that you are protected should you be injured during your break!

Peace of Mind

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you might be travelling alone. Whether you're flying solo or travelling as part of an organised tour, it helps to have travel insurance in place to protect your belongings. With over 65 travel insurance, you'll reap all the benefits of single trip cover, with a 24 hour helpline should you need advice or to claim and cover for your luggage and possessions should they be lost, stolen or damaged. It still makes sense to be cautious though - you should never carry too much cash at one time and always keep your bags where you can see them, particularly when travelling on public transport.

Fun and Funky

You might be wondering about cover for your gadgets whilst you're on holiday. These days, the over 65's are keeping pace with the younger generation when it comes to Kindles, iPads and smartphones and what better way to protect your expensive gadgets than with gadget insurance? You can add this onto your over 65 travel insurance policy for just a few pounds extra, ensuring that your gadgets will be protected against theft or damage.

With some over 65 policies, you'll be covered for existing medical conditions, whilst with others; you need to declare these when taking out your policy - so always check with your insurer if you're uncertain exactly what's covered. It's always a great idea to take out specialist travel insurance if you're over 65, as you'll receive medical cover that will protect you should you become ill or injured whilst travelling - or have an accident taking part in death-defying sports that even some thirty year olds would be afraid to try!