Why Take Travel Insurance?

Stolen jewellery, mislaid credit cards and broken bones – it’ll never happen to me. With the cost of a broken leg in Europe estimated at £7,000, can you afford to take the gamble?

At insurefor.com we’ll give you all the travel insurance information you need and travel insurance at unbeatable value

The question “Do I need travel insurance?” should be a thing of the past.

Our online service is quick and easy:

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The process takes literally minutes, so last minute holiday bargains can be insured as you pack!

From skiing to mountain biking, snorkelling to parascending, activities holidays offer fun for everyone. insurefor.com specialises in activities holiday insurance. From water sports to golf cover, insurefor.com travel insurance has it all, even for the most adventurous.

Do I need travel insurance to cover cancelled flights or holidays?

The need for travel insurance may start long before you get to your destination. Much of the travel insurance information you commonly hear is quite misleading. Tour companies are not always liable for your losses and credit card insurance is not always enough. insurefor.com Premier and Premier Plus cover levels insure you against airline failure. Whether you are concerned about flight cancellation or the failure of a holiday company our policies offer cover.

What about loss or theft?

Whether through theft or accidental loss, the absence of money, passport or possessions is more than just an inconvenience on holiday. That perfect break suddenly becomes a nightmare and the last thing you want is to be out of pocket. insurefor.com can give you the travel insurance information you need to make sure your cover is right for you.

What about injury or illness?

It’s something we don’t like to think about but accidental injury or illness is a part of life. However, at £49,000 for an emergency operation and flight home from the US or £9,000 for treatment for an allergic reaction in Cyprus, sickness and injury cover are a must when travelling abroad.

What about an EHIC card?

As a UK resident you can apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) through the Post Office, online or by phone. An EHIC card entitles you to medical treatment if it becomes necessary, at reduced costs or sometimes free, when temporarily visiting European Union (EU) countries.

Although the EHIC card can help reduce costs it does not take away the worry of a medical bill when you arrive back home from your holiday. insurefor.com travel insurance policies include cover for medical emergencies up to £15,000,000. If you use your EHIC card then any excess payable when you claim will be reduced to zero. In addition you benefit from a 24 hour emergency assistance helpline to support you.

So the simple answer to “do I need travel insurance?” is a resounding yes!

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