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Date: 21/05/2013

Couple Travel Insurance

Even if money is tight, there's nothing like a romantic break for two to really bring you closer together. Whether you decide to jet off to foreign climes or simply get away for a weekend break at a cottage on the coast in the UK, a few days away together could be just what you need to relax and unwind from work!

The Best Locations

The best places for couples to head are those where there won't be hundreds of screaming children running around. Think a villa in the South of France, a couples resort in the Bahamas (if you're feeling flush!), a weekend in Paris or even a cottage rental in Scotland for a romantic long weekend. You could even book a spa break and enjoy pampering for two!

The Best Things to Do

If your partner seems a bit uninspired by the idea of planning a holiday, why not make it a surprise! If there is something they've always wanted to do, then why not organise to get away just the two of you and do it. Some good things to do together include, white water rafting, hiking, making perfume and aftershave (he'll say it's girlie but secretly he will love testing out the different scents) or relaxing on a luxury spa weekend. It's easy to book exciting events online and then you just need to find a hotel - sorted! He'll be much more enthusiastic once he finds out there are exciting activities involved! Make sure to book travel insurance before you go, particularly if you're taking part in any extreme sports.

Couples Travel Insurance

It is possible to find travel insurance designed specifically for couples and this is a great idea if the two of you are jetting off on a romantic weekend for two! Compared to taking out single cover for each of you, a couples policy could actually save you money and it's much easier to claim if you are both on the same policy. For example, if one of you is injured and requires treatment in hospital, it is far easier for your partner to make a claim on the policy if you take out couples travel insurance - either one of you can make a claim on the others behalf. Whilst you might be tempted to save money by travelling without insurance - don't be! Most travel insurance providers offer cover from just a few pounds and the level of protection offered will give you peace of mind, no matter what romantic exploits you get up to on your holiday!