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Date: 23/11/2012

Winter city breaks

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For everyone there comes a time during the year when work gets abandoned for more leisurely pursuits. No matter how short, nothing rejuvenates like a vacation. Summer may be the peak time for holidays, but a winter break has numerous advantages to it that cannot be outshone by the sun! Rather than vie for sunshine, why not embrace the winter weather instead?

Winter breaks need not be limited to ski holidays or travels to more tropical climates. Many of the best winter getaways can be found in the cool climes of cities across the globe. Dusted and frosted with snow and ice, many of the world's top cities transform into winter wonderlands as autumn gives way to the year's colder months.

The general advantages of taking city breaks in winter are many. You are spared the masses of tourists and consequent long queues, irate, overworked locals and hiked up prices that plague summertime. Even better, rather than being trapped in the tourist bubble, you are able to get a feel of the real city, its people and what it is truly about. Plus, city walks and general exploration are much more comfortable and decidedly more romantic in colder days.

As a result, the whole city break experience is much more enjoyable and more relaxing; exactly what you want from a holiday!

Perhaps the biggest problem with winter city breaks is actually deciding where to go. Many cities are preferable to visit in winter months, coming alive as cooler temperatures roll in and allowing them to really display their characters with flair. Across the European continent there are a number of cities that come high on the list of winter weekend breaks that just have to be taken!

Pick cities for their cafes, restaurants and picturesque qualities that are only enhanced by the wintry weather overhead and the plethora of cultural activities on offer, from Christmas markets to concerts and exhibitions.

The cobbled streets of Tallinn in Estonia or Amsterdam in the Netherlands make a perfect setting, with a fantastic mix of cafe culture and rich history to be found. Alternately, explore the bars and shopping on offer in the German capital Berlin or go chocolate tasting in the Austria's Salzburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Naturally the above are just a select few of the wide choice of destinations for winter weekend breaks. Accessible, affordable and above all gratifying, little could pep up your winter months more than a foray into a top foreign city. Additionally, with cheap travel insurance you will have even less to worry about and even more to enjoy!