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Date: 06/06/2011

Understated opulence - golfing luxury at Turnberry

For those wanting to make the most of their golf travel insurance policy, there is no need to travel across the continent to experience golfing heaven wrapped up with sumptuous luxury.

The west coast of Scotland offers Turnberry, a historic course nestling near the Scottish coast and just over the waters from Northern Ireland.

The region is typically Scottish, with the huge granite island of Ailsa Craig rising majestically out of the Irish Sea reaching a height of 350 metres and lying 10 miles off the coast. Scenery such as this makes the area popular even with those not arriving to play golf, but simply to enjoy a holiday on their annual multi trip travel insurance.

The course itself has been open for decades and offers a timeless appeal, with the beautiful lush greens that have seen such golfing superstars as Colin Montgomerie regularly grace its tees. However, the course remains firmly anchored to its past in some ways, despite the modern refurbishments, giving visitors a glimpse into days of yore. The tarmac strips between the courses still remain, which were used as substitute runways for aircraft during the war, with the hotel a makeshift hospital for wounded soldiers. Thankfully for those that play at Turnberry, no planes are permitted to land now, reducing the possibility of a claim on a golf travel insurance policy for plane-related damage!

The hotel now is resplendent with 198 standard occupancy rooms and four suites offering breathtaking views, decorated in a contemporary fashion without compromising the atmosphere of the venue.

Attached to the hotel is a complex which may interest those holidaying on their annual multi trip travel insurance plan. The complex boasts spa facilities including sauna, steam rooms and Jacuzzi, as well as a softly lit pool with a waterfall and views out across the ocean from the floor to ceiling windows.