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Date: 19/04/2012

Travel Insurance companies

The majority of households within Britain are currently running on a budget, with less money to splash out on little luxuries.

It's therefore not entirely surprising that some people may question whether they really need insurance for their holiday. However, travel insurance companies are not simply scaremongering when they strongly recommend that you do not holiday without cover in place because it really is surprising what can happen…

A cruise sounds like a relaxing way to see more of the world, gently bobbing on the waves whilst enjoying the onboard facilities. Unfortunately two pensioners had to claim for new dentures after mishaps aboard the vessel. The first unlucky holidaymaker saw his dentures tumble over the side of the ship after he was suffering from sea sickness whilst the second cruiser had the teeth whipped right out of his mouth by a particularly strong breeze out on the decks.

A dream holiday in the Malaysian rainforest nearly turned into an unintentional nudist break for a couple of holidaymakers. Staying in a cabin in the depths of the rainforest sounded like the ideal retreat but unfortunately after breaking into their dwelling, monkeys decided that the couple's clothes would look much better strewn throughout the jungle. Thankfully the travel insurance company paid out otherwise it could have been an awkward flight home.

But surely nothing could go wrong simply sitting on the beach, right? Wrong. A particularly unlucky lady was sitting on a beach in Sri Lanka, quietly reading her book in the shade when a coconut fell from the palm tree and landed on her head. Hospital treatment was needed.

And even a UK break can sometimes end in disaster. A family had to claim for a new camcorder after their children buried it in the sand…but forgot where they had hidden it.

So even if you are determined to keep a tight hold of your possessions at all times and refrain from dangerous activities, these stories show that anything really can happen. And if the worst occurs do you really want to be stranded a long way from home faced with a large bill just because you didn't click the button for travel insurance? Thought not…