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Date: 04/05/2011

The Land of more than just Racing Drivers: Argentina

With South America a popular continent to explore, Argentina has seen more than its fair share of tourists arriving on backpacker travel insurance. However, with British Airways now offering direct flights to the country from London, Argentina has seen its popularity soar.

Arguably rather better known for its love of sports and in particular its many famous racing drivers, Argentina has much more to offer those wanting to explore its delights on their single trip travel insurance.

The country is a land of great contradictions, with the capital Buenos Aires offering all the sophistication and glamour, southern regions such as Patagonia providing remote and desolate beauty with towering ice glaciers and the north showcasing cascading waterfalls and tropical rainforests.

Those touring on backpacker travel insurance and planning on spending longer in the country than on a typical holiday will find plenty to do, for as well as the stunning scenery, the country is famous for its wildlife.

The Valdes Peninsula is a pit of land stretching out between the ocean waves and is a world-renowned wildlife reserve. The peninsula is home to all kinds of wildlife throughout the year and visitors arriving at any time will be treated to sights of not only exotic seabirds but also elephant seals and dolphins. The months between August and November can be particularly exciting for visitors with elephant seals duelling for mating rights as well as the arrival of the whales. The beaches at Punta Tombo see the arrival of a million Magellanic penguins jostling for space between September and March.

Any visitor arriving on their single trip travel insurance will want to try and find space in their itinerary for a expedition to the Iguazu Falls, a network of over 275 waterfalls tumbling over a 200 foot drop and stretching more than a mile wide. Roaring and magnificent, the rushing and swirling waters make a fitting end to any holiday.