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Relaxing in the sun this half term is a great way to unwind and let the stresses and strains of everyday life melt away, but what if you've been the victim of a robbery abroad? Having your purse or handbag snatched can be a terrifying experience when you're on familiar territory; when it happens on holiday it can be even more traumatic.

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Date: 30/10/2014

Stop - Thief!

Let your holiday insurance take the fall

The aftermath of having your bag snatched will probably leave you feeling shaken and worried for your safety, even more so if you're travelling with young children. But the good news is that your travel insurance can take away a lot of the worry involved in losing your travel documents, cash and other belongings. With, cheap travel insurance starts from just a few pounds and provides you with up to £2,000 cover for lost, stolen or damaged possessions, including cover for your travel documents such as tickets or passports. Even your holiday money is covered.

Stay safe on holiday

We recommend that you take a few steps to protect yourself from theft on holiday - this way, even if the worst does happen, you'll be prepared:

Never walk back to your hotel alone at night, and always stay in areas where there are plenty of other people around. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, keep your handbag or purse in sight, particularly in busy areas or on public transport. Carry only as much cash as you need - traveller's cheques or a card are a good back up - you can leave cash in a safe at your hotel. If you're going out alone, always let those travelling with you know when to expect you back. If possible, leave passports and travel documents in the safe at your hotel, unless you need to take them with you

Call for help

A quick phone call to insurefor's 24/7 helpline will ensure that your claim is dealt with quickly and efficiently. The helpful team at insurefor will assist you with any aspect of your claim, giving you one less thing to worry about. Just make sure you organise your insurance in advance, even if you're only jetting off for a long weekend in Europe. You could be left hundreds of pounds out of pocket if you fail to take out holiday insurance, and with single trip insurance with insurefor starting from just a few pounds, there's no excuse to travel without cover!