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Date: 31/12/2015

Room Without A View: Five Of The Coolest Underground Hotels

Sala Silvermine Mine Suite Photo by: Pappilabild

Photo by: Pappilabild

Do you prefer your hotels a little quirkier than the average four-star wonder? One thing is for sure − with these underground hotels, it won't be the view you are admiring.

#1. Sala Silver Mine, Sweden

Once a working silver mine and now a museum, there is one exclusive suite available to book at the Sala Silver Mine in Vastmanland − if you don't mind bedding down 155 metres below ground for the night! It is surprisingly cosy (18°), with a bed and small breakfast nook with table and chairs, but don't expect room service. There is no mobile phone reception down here and you will communicate with staff above ground via an intercom. This is probably not the best choice for anyone who has seen the film The Descent.

#2. Mantas Resort, Tanzania

This luxury underwater resort on Pemba Island, Tanzania consists of a private floating island with an underwater bedroom four metres below the surface of the water. The sea level deck is perfect for lounging or dining, there is a top deck for working on your tan, and the submerged room itself is accessed by ladder, with glass panels and underwater lighting facilitating amazing views of the marine life outside your room.

#3. Argos Hotel, Turkey

Once a monastery, the underground warren of caves at Argos Hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey forms 51 bedrooms, carved from volcanic lava from Mount Erciyes. Many of the rooms boast private underground pools, while others have terraces or gardens. Don't forget to check out the stunning subterranean wine cellar.

#4. Kokopelli's Cave, New Mexico

Carved directly out of the sandstone cliffs of Tertiary Ojo Alamo in Farmington, this former geologist's office is today a bed and breakfast offering spacious accommodation. Suites have a separate bedroom, living and dining area, kitchen and bathroom with Jacuzzi and waterfall-type shower, for a break in the lap of luxury.

#5. The Lookout Cave, Coober Pedy, Australia

The town of Coober Pedy is made up of a vast network of underground tunnels, which were dug to provide local residents with an escape from the scorching temperatures. The family-run Lookout Cave allows guests the opportunity to doze off around 25 metres below the ground, with relaxing low lighting and stone walls. Situated at Coober Pedy's highest part, this is an ideal place to watch the sun rise and set while enjoying a peaceful holiday.

If you fancy something a little different on holiday this year, booking an underground − or underwater − hotel could be just the thing. It will certainly be a talking point with friends and family, and you will come home with some amazing photographs.