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Date: 15/12/2013

Mobile apps to change the way we travel

It seems as if everyone in the travel industry is releasing mobile apps to improve customer experience, from hotels releasing mobile concierge apps to airline check in.

Since we all use smartphones and tablets more than ever before, it's perhaps no surprise that the mobile channel is growing, and by 2017 it's estimated it will account for more than a third of all online travel sales.

This means if you want to stay one step ahead of the competition, developing a mobile app that meets your customer's expectations is key.

Travel apps

Airlines are introducing apps for all operating systems to allow mobile travel booking - so there's no need to mess around with websites that aren't designed for use on mobile devices; just download the airline's app and book in a few clicks.

With an increase in mobile bookings across the globe, there's never been a better time to embrace apps for travel.

Airlines will also be using apps to provide a better level of service to their customers, offering personal assistance 24/7 with everything from planning your holiday to the logistics, and even emergency assistance.

Even if you have the best travel insurance from a company such as, you may still need emergency assistance or advice from time to time, and an app makes it easy!

Tablets for travellers

The development of such apps is especially big news for Indian travellers, with tablets and smartphones becoming more popular in India by the second.

By 2017, India is estimated to have in excess of 300 million internet users, making it a huge untapped market for Indian airlines and global travel companies to target.

Benefits for travellers

Apps released by airlines to enhance their levels of customer service will benefit all travellers using mobile devices - airlines can gather opinions to improve the customer experience, and it will become easier for you to contact your airline with a compliment, complaint or suggestion.

It will also become easier to request assistance with any aspect of your journey in real-time, rather than waiting for a response to an email, which could take longer.

Even if you have the best travel insurance policy, you may still need to contact your airline or travel company to change travel plans or in the event of an emergency, and using a mobile app is one of the most convenient ways to do so.