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Date: 19/08/2012

Late Summer Sun

You may have been very keen on the idea of a staycation but are equally as enthusiastic about enjoying the feel of the sun on your skin. Having held out all summer and been rewarded with nothing more than a few days of watery sunshine, you may well have decided to cut your losses and chase some late summer sun overseas.

Having left it so late in the season, however, you risk finding nothing suitable. Where can you go to stand a chance of bathing in some golden rays? The good news is that you have plenty of choice.

Morocco is a sun-seeker's dream, providing a slightly esoteric getaway, with its fiery red sands and bohemian markets. Whether you like the hustle and bustle of Marrakesh or the quieter appeal of fishing village Essaouria, you are more or less guaranteed scorching sunshine between May and September.

The 30 islands that form the Mali Losinj archipelago in Croatia may not have been the first destination that sprung to mind, but if you are looking for some late summer sun, it's the place to be. The Mali Losini beach on Losinj Island will provide you with everything you are looking for, set against a beautiful green sea surrounded by an ancient pine forest. The even better news is that you have plenty of time to capture the last of the summer warmth, as temperatures remain balmy right through to October.

Cyprus is known for being the party capital, with Ayia Napa famous for its wild nightlife. Whilst sun-seekers looking for a livelier holiday could head to the legendary tourist hot-spot, travelling just a short distance east offers the more peaceful paradise of Konnos Bay. Secluded Blue Flag beaches and crystal clear waters along with tropical temperatures from June through to October make this location hard to overlook.

Finally, if you like your sunshine cooled by a brisk breeze, the sands of Tarifa in Southern Spain could offer a late break treat. The spot where the Atlantic laps against the Mediterranean, the open white beaches offer temperatures well into the 20s right the way through September but also provide enough puffs of air to make it the self-proclaimed kite-surfing capital of Europe. If you do opt to have a go, just make sure your travel insurance includes cover, as many policies do not cover all sports as standard.

Whether it's tranquil relaxation, a thriving night-life or an energetic sports holiday you crave, the good news is that there is plenty of summer sun around for quite some time yet – and with plenty of choice there's no excuse not to give yourself a treat!