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Date: 11/04/2011

Exploring the Eerie Beauty of Iceland

Tucked in just below the Arctic Circle, Iceland is a land of contradictions – with hot springs, bubbling geysers and even volcanoes nestling alongside icy panoramas and glaciers. Many travelling to this frozen wonderland opt to take out winter sports travel insurance because the diversity of the country makes anything possible.

Many of us dream of a bit of winter sunshine and warmer weather, but Iceland offers an altogether different experience, with many of those that visit opting to take out annual multi trip travel insurance to return later in the year.

Those hoping to relax are able to enjoy the bizarre sensation of soaking in natural hot springs, while admiring the towering frozen glaciers. With steam oozing from the ground, the mud contained within the pools is rumoured to do wonders for the skin and the pools remain a top attraction for both tourists and locals.

For the fans of the natural spectacles, Iceland offers views of the Northern Lights for five months of the year, between October and March. The aurora borealis are a natural phenomenon which have invoked a mixture of delight and fear in the human race since time began. With a clear sky, the dancing lights and eerie glow can be seen for those who are willing to make the trek at night.

With its snow-covered terrain, many holiday-makers opt to enjoy a dog-sleigh ride, an everyday occurrence in Iceland but not an experience often available on a sunny beach holiday. Although the likelihood of an accident is minimal, the dog handlers are well trained and tourists are safely tucked into the sleigh, but it is advisable to check that any winter sports travel insurance policy would cover any mishaps.

For those who are able to enjoy more than one holiday each year, taking out annual multi trip travel insurance and visiting Iceland may offer a spectacular and unusual view of the world.