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Date: 01/08/2017

Enjoy the sun-drenched islands of the Mediterranean

Islands have a certain fascination as a result of being contained, surrounded by water, and usually offering some stunning seascapes. When it comes to islands in the Mediterranean, there are so many beautiful ones to enjoy, offering a huge variety of culture, food and experiences. Holidaying your way through all the islands in the Mediterranean could take up years of holiday time!


This Italian jewel off the Amalfi Coast has been attracting the jet set for decades. The writer Graham Greene used to have a house here, and the Roman emperor Tiberius had a villa; you can visit the ruins. With stunning coastline, decadent hotels, indulgent shopping, great food and a lively yachting season, Capri is a popular choice for all kinds of visitors, from families to Hollywood stars. Its natural attractions include the famous Blue Grotto, and the island is full of atmospheric cafes, tempting restaurants and luxurious spas. Just about everywhere you look, the island and its surrounds are incredibly beautiful. Places to visit nearby include the islands of Ischia and Procida, or head to the mainland for gems such as Sorrento. There is also an amazing array of leather sandals to choose from in this part of the world.


This Spanish island is well known for vibrant night life and its legendary clubs; however, in addition to the hedonism, Ibiza offers charming villages, peaceful areas to retreat, and inviting beaches. For those interested in culture, Ibiza Town's port is a UNESCO world heritage site. Other things to do include shopping, exploring the coast on boat tours, and enjoying the island's scenic beauty.


The largest island in the Mediterranean, Malta lies almost in the centre and has a rich history. Less than 100km south of Sicily and less than 300km north of Africa, Malta has been in the cross channels of history for centuries. It has been ruled by a variety of monarchs, from the British and French to the Moors and Romans. It has many historic sites to explore, including temples, fortresses, subterranean arrangement rooms and burial chambers dating from around 4000BC. Malta has been described as one big museum out in the open air, as so much of its history is readily apparent. With loads of sun, Malta is also popular for relaxing, visiting wide sandy beaches, and plenty of sporting activities. With plenty of upmarket hotels and resorts, there is also a wide range of restaurants and spas to partake of some pampering. There are also sea excursions to enjoy and a range of diving experiences to suit beginners through to seasoned divers.


This French island combines charming towns on its coast with compelling natural landscapes that call out to be walked and hiked. Corsica also has soaring mountain landscapes that offer adventure and almost every water sport ever invented is available, meaning there is lots to keep active people happy. Being French, the island also offers good eating and fine restaurants, plus markets and local food producers offer tastings of their fare. There are also local vineyards and opportunities to sample the wine of the island. The vineyards here are the only island vineyards in France and have a history that goes back two millennia. For beach lovers, there are secluded areas with white sand, clear sparkling water and dramatic rocky seascapes. There are plenty of beaches to try, along with clear creeks, peaceful bays and wide open expanses of sand. You are unlikely to run out of beaches to try, with nearly 150 places to go swimming. After all this exercise, it will be time to relax in a spa and perhaps enjoy a wellness or beauty treatment before visiting a historic site or examining the local handicrafts.