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Date: 31/03/2013

Cheap Travel Insurance -

At we realise that getting the travel insurance you need when going on holiday isn’t immediately at the top of the agenda when you’re getting all your things together. Usually, people are concerned with other things whether it’s traveller’s cheques, suitcases or sun cream. We also know not everyone always requires the same kind of travel insurance either, with different people needing cover for specific circumstances. 

Travelling abroad when you have a medical condition can sometimes become a nuisance because many insurance companies won’t be willing to cover you.

Versatile Cheap Travel Insurance

Showing the versatility of our cheap travel insurance is the golf insurance we provide. This covers golf clubs and equipment for those who love to travel abroad to enjoy their favourite hobby at affordable prices. From only £7.54 our policy enables golf enthusiasts to focus on perfecting their chip shots rather than worrying about over hit missing golf balls. Furthermore, our cheap golf travel insurance can be taken out in combination with both single and annual multi trip policies too! 

Another popular travel experience we provide cheap travel insurance for is backpacking. Our backpacker travel insurance gives you all the cover you could want at an affordable price.

Our policies start from as little as £17.86 whilst you have the option of taking it out from between 31 and 365 days.  

Use or Quote Tool for cheap travel insurance

So as you can see, we’ve got a wide range of cheap travel insurance options for you to choose from. To get a price for you, simply use the excellent quote tool on our website!