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Date: 23/03/2015

Asia Travel FAQs


Whether you're going to be backpacking in Thailand, enjoying a relaxing break in Cambodia or exploring the Great Wall of China, you're sure to have some travel insurance FAQs that you'd like answers to before you jet off.

After all, you're going to be travelling far from home, so you want the peace of mind that you'll be protected, even when visiting remote regions of this beautiful continent.


Do I need worldwide travel insurance?

Yes, if you're taking out travel insurance with and planning to visit Asia, you'll need worldwide cover. If you're unsure of the countries you'll be visiting, you can speak to a customer service advisor to make sure you get the cover you need.


Do I need to take my travel insurance documents with me?

You'll need to make sure you take a copy of your travel insurance certificate and policy wording on holiday with you. This way, if you need to make a claim you'll have all the important numbers you need to get in touch.


What happens if I lose my passport?

When you're travelling so far away from home, losing your passport - or having it stolen - can be a frightening experience, but there's no need to worry. You should always report the loss or theft of your passport to the local police as you'll need a crime reference number to fill out a Lost or Stolen Passport Notification Claim form.

It's important to also ensure that you report the loss to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office who will issue you with replacement travel documents so that you can come home.


What if I get ill and need medical assistance whilst travelling?

After checking that you're covered by your policy, you should contact the Assistance Company on the number shown on your documentation. Alternatively, if you need to make a claim, you can telephone the claims helpline or email for assistance.


If I want to go scuba diving, am I covered?

Asia is home to many popular scuba diving spots, particularly in South-East Asia - and this is one of the most common FAQs. The good news is that you're covered for scuba diving up to 30m (with no extra premium payable).


Do I need gadget insurance?

If you're travelling with gadgets such as your smartphone or digital camera, we highly recommend it. Our gadget travel insurance provides you with accidental damage, theft and malicious damage cover, so there's no need to worry if your smartphone gets wet on the beach or if you drop your expensive camera in the sea.