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Date: 27/05/2013

Will you be going on a backpacking trip this year? Don’t forget to take out backpackers insurance

Imagine climbing Machu Picchu and visiting the forgotten city of the Incas. Hiking in the Himalayas and coming across a temple filled with local people praying. Or perhaps staying in a remote village in the Andes and experiencing local life and culture firsthand. All of these experiences and more are possible when you head off on a backpacking holiday. It will be the holiday of a lifetime and it's the perfect way to get in touch with yourself and the local cultures you come across on your journey.

What to Pack

What to pack for your backpacking holiday varies depending on where you're heading, but here are a few essentials that every backpacker needs:


First aid kit

Insect repellent

Plenty of sunscreen

Sturdy walking boots and sandals


Unfortunately, you won't be able to rely on your mobile phone GPS to navigate your way through the rural parts of Cambodia, so local guidebooks and maps are essential. Head online for the best deals and stock up before you go - just reading and planning your trip can be so exciting!

Protect Yourself

Whether you're backpacking alone or with friends, travel insurance is absolutely vital to protect you and your belongings on your journey. If you're interailing or travelling on public transport, your bags or money could be stolen and without adequate travel insurance in place to cover you, you'll be stranded and forced to call home for help! By taking out a specific insurance policy designed for backpackers, you can make sure you're insured. Most providers will offer extra cover for a range of exciting sports and events, from kayaking down the Amazon and white water rafting. Medical cover is a must-have whilst backpacking. Sometimes you'll be staying in the most remote areas, so if you become ill you may need to be airlifted to hospital, which could incur huge costs. With backpacking insurance you'll be covered for medical care should the worst happen!

Round the World

One of the most exciting aspects of backpacking is the spontaneity, but it is possible to use various websites to plan parts of your trip. A round the world trip is a great way to see as many places as possible on your backpacking journey, but you don't need to plan the whole thing straightaway. With a few guidebooks and an idea of what countries you'd like to see, it's easy to come up with a rough idea for your trip and budget accordingly. Then watch all your best laid plans go out the window as you meet new people and have new experiences along the way that change your entire itinerary!