Business's business travel insurance works hard for you!  Set up your policy online and in minutes you’re covered from loss of your business equipment to hiring a replacement and paying for emergency courier expenses.

  • up to £1,000 business equipment cover
  • up to £1,000 business money
  • up to £1,500 for a replacement employee

Prices from...

Standard £7.84

Premier £10.02

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Business Travel Insurance's comprehensive business travel insurance offers allows you complete peace of mind ensuring that you and your business are taken care of.

Travelling on business brings with it different situations and risks which you need to know are covered. General business equipment, computer equipment and business samples, are all covered under's business travel insurance. We even cover business money against loss or theft.

Cheap Business Travel Insurance

We have spent time assessing the needs for business cover and have put in place a comprehensive business travel insurance policy that not only provides great cover but is also great value for money.

What does our business travel insurance provide?

  • up to £1,000 business equipment cover
  • up to £1,000 computer equipment cover
  • up to £1,000 business money cover
  • up to £10,000,000 medical emergency & repatriation
  • up to £2,000 lost, stolen and/or damaged possessions
  • up to £5,000 cancellation, curtailment & trip interruption
  • 24 hour emergency assistance helpline

Our comprehensive business travel insurance covers up to a maximum of 31 days in any period of insurance.  Please note that this option is not available on economy or long stay policies.

Our cover includes business equipment hire which can be used if your equipment has been lost, damaged or stolen, plus we offer an emergency courier service to replace essential business equipment. comprehensive business travel insurance is so comprehensive that we even offer funding for a replacement business colleague to your destination should you need to be flown home for medical reasons.

Your comprehensive business travel insurance policy is underwritten by SOLID Försäkringar, a Swedish based insurance company and is a market leader who handles claims promptly and fairly.