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Family Travel Insurance

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  • Free Cover for Kids*
  • £10m Medical Emergency
  • £5,000 Cancellation
  • You're covered for up to 365 days on Single Trips

Prices from...

Economy £20.45

Standard £11.10

Premier £16.38

PremierPlus £43.42

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  • Spain
  • Canary Islands
  • Turkey
  • Cyprus
  • Malta
  • Switzerland

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Please note: You will not be covered for holiday cancellation until your policy start date. Choose today’s date if you want cover as soon as possible.

Family Travel Insurance

Now that you’ve planned a great holiday - let’s make sure that your Cheap Family Holiday Insurance policy provides the cover that’s just right.

Not only does your holiday insurance provide great cover at low rates - but best of all - KIDS ARE COVERED FREE*


Family holiday insurance – what’s provided

Your Family Travel Insurance policy starts from just £9.57 and includes:

• Medical emergency & repatriation - up to £10,000,000
• Lost, stolen or damaged possessions - up to £2,000
• Cancellation & curtailment - up to £5,000
• Free cover for kids*
• Cover up to and including age 85
• 24 hour emergency helpline
• Range of activities covered including canoeing and water skiing

Whether you’re off for a weekend trip in the UK, a longer trip in Europe or even travelling worldwide, your holiday insurance policy gives you the flexibility to go where you please and have full protection for you and your loved ones.


Holiday travel insurance with optional extras

Gadget insurance

If you’re taking some of your more expensive gadgets, you may need to add extra cover if they’re particularly expensive.

It’s cheap to insure items like you laptop or iPad and you can easily add them to your policy as you make your booking.


Sports and activities insurance

Sports and activity insurance is included in your family travel policy for a wide range of low-risk sports and activities such as swimming and volleyball.

If you are planning something more adventurous such as bungee jumping, then for additional cover, you can easily add this - and many other activities - to your policy.

It costs very little and gives added protection for the more adventurous.


Booking family holiday cover - easy and fast

Booking your family holiday cover is easy and fast.

Use the drop-down box above, choose exactly what you need and book your travel insurance at our best rates.

If you need any help contact our UK call centre on 0343 658 0220.

Your Family Travel Insurance policy is underwritten by HCC International Insurance Company plc.