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Date: 03/01/2014

Winter Sports Cover so that you don't get covered in snow

Adrenaline junkies of all ages will either already be on the slopes or heading there for a winter of exciting skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. Europe and the US are set to have great conditions for all types of winter sports this year. But it's vital that you ensure you're protected when you're participating in winter sports; after all, there's more risk involved than lying on a beach in Greece!

What are the risks?

Despite the obvious broken bones, sprains and other injuries associated with winter sports, there are more serious accidents which could occur too. In any wintry weather, there's a risk of hypothermia - you could even be trapped in an avalanche or stranded on a mountain for hours in the freezing cold. If you've been seriously injured, you might need to pay for an air ambulance to lift you to the nearest Accident and Emergency unit, and as you can imagine, this doesn't come cheap!

Protecting yourself, no matter what the weather

The good news is that winter sports cover can give you all the protection you need, so you can forget about the risks and enjoy your holiday. But what does it actually cover? A policy from not only offers you up to £10,000,000 cover for medical emergency and repatriation, it also offers you all the cover that a standard travel insurance policy provides. So you'll receive up to £2,000 for lost, stolen or damaged possessions, and up to £5,000 cancellation or curtailment cover. But winter sports cover has its own benefits; remember all that expensive snowboarding equipment you bought? Well, that's covered up to a value of £1,000, and your lift pass is covered too. Plus there's no need to worry about piste closure or injury/loss due to an avalanche, as your policy even protects you against these eventualities. Taken as part of a single trip policy, winter sports insurance will provide you and your family with all the cover you need for up to 365 days!

The last thing you want to worry about when you're whizzing down the highest slopes in Europe is whether or not you're going to have an accident; and with winter sports insurance this will be the furthest thing from your mind. So kick back, relax and enjoy your winter sports break to the fullest, wherever in the world you decide to go, and make sure you organise your travel insurance before you set off.