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Date: 14/08/2013

Winter Sports Cover

Whether you're planning a skiing trip to France or some snowboarding in the Alps, you need to ensure you have your winter sports cover organised as part of your travel insurance policy for your winter holiday.

Pack travel essentials

It's important to be prepared if you're heading abroad on a winter sports holiday. Whilst most resorts will have shops selling everything you need, there are some more remote locations where you could struggle to find things.

Always pack a basic First Aid Kit which should include plasters and bandages, antiseptic cream, medicine for upset stomach and painkillers.

It's a good idea to take along extra packages of any medicine you already use and split this between your suitcase and any hand luggage, in case your bags go missing in transit.

Get winter sports travel insurance

Winter sports cover is vital if you're heading off on an activity holiday this year, whether you're skiing for the first time or a champion snowboarder. But what protection will winter sports cover actually give you and is it really worth paying for?

When you consider that your equipment for skiing, snowboarding or other winter sports activities has probably cost you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, have you considered what would happen if your kit was lost, stolen or damaged on holiday?

By taking out winter sports travel insurance, you can rest safe in the knowledge that all your equipment will be covered, so should you break your poles or find your boots have been stolen, a quick call to your insurance company will set the ball rolling on your claim.

Accidents do happen

Winter sports cover doesn't only cover your equipment, it also covers you should you need medical care whilst you're abroad - this can be expensive depending on the country you're travelling in.

If you have a serious accident and need to be air-lifted to safety, this could cost thousands of pounds without travel insurance to protect you. Most travel insurance policies will cover you no matter what activity you decide to get up to, so whether you're skiing, tobogganing or husky dog sledging; you'll be protected should you hurt yourself.

Winter Sports Cover is absolutely vital if you're planning an active holiday this winter, so think of it as an essential item to tick off on your 'to-do' list before you get on the plane.

The peace of mind it provides for you and your family will ensure you can have an amazing holiday with nothing to worry about.