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Date: 15/10/2013

Visit Hidden Realms

Ever find yourself sitting daydreaming of the waves crashing onto a sandy desert island beach? Or picture yourself exploring the depths of the Mexican jungle, finding Mayan ruins? You need a holiday off the beaten track, a chance to discover some of the world's hidden gems and here are a few locations you may not have heard about to get you started....but shhhh...keep them to yourself!

Jicaro Island, Nicaragua

If you're looking for a technology free destination, free from the beeping of your mobile phone, then Jicaro Island is your dream holiday destination. This acre-wide island is located on Lake Nicaragua, with some stunning views. The island itself is home to Jicaro Island Ecolodge, where you can enjoy camping under the stars, take a dip in the infinity pool or try a tempting cocktail. It's a little piece of paradise and it's a great hidden destination!

Con Dao, Vietnam

Islands are always a great choice for a secret getaway and the archipelago of Con Dao, off the southeast coast of Vietnam, is no exception. This deserted island boasts crystal clear waters, delightful sandy beaches and the opportunity to take a guided motorbike tour to the more remote parts of the island - don't miss Dam Tre Bay Lagoon. It's the perfect place to indulge your desert island fantasy!

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Set on the island of Java, tell people you're going on holiday to Yogyakarta and their response will most likely be, 'where?' This stunning destination bring together ancient Buddhist temples, Sultan's palaces, towering mountainscapes and beautiful rice paddies - don't forget to bring your camera as there's plenty to take pictures of! Yogyakarta is one of Indonesia's oldest towns and there's a wealth of history to uncover. Head for Kraton Ngayogyakarto, an 18th-century Sultan's Palace, with its own museum and a luxurious pavilion that's still home to the Sultan today!

These exotic, hidden destinations all have one thing in common - you'll need to make sure you have travel insurance in place to cover you before heading off to visit any of them! Travel insurance is particularly important when you're heading to a remote destination, as if you become ill or injured, you may need to be transported to the nearest town or city for medical care, which could potentially cost a fortune! So, pack your bags, pick a hidden destination and be prepared for some Indiana-Jones style exploring this winter; it definitely beats being stuck in the cold, rainy UK!