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Date: 04/05/2011

Tulips and Windmills: Cruising in the Lowlands of the Netherlands

For those looking to enjoy a holiday on their cruise travel insurance, floating around the rivers of the Netherlands is one of the latest offerings on the market.

With river cruises becoming increasingly popular, a tour operator is providing a seven day holiday taking in the sights and sounds of the Netherlands via the network of internal waterways. With Europe such a popular destination for both short trips and full holidays, many tourists will have visited Holland on their over 65 travel insurance. However, seeing the country from the water provides a unique perspective and allows more locations to be taken in, without the stress of organising the itinerary.

Holland has beautiful scenery and a combination of traditional Dutch buildings and modern architecture visible in its towns. It is also a country with a strong culinary background, with cheese a particular delicacy and specialist markets held in the region of Edam (the place which the cheese is named after) during the warmer months. Those holidaying on their over 65 travel insurance are offered the opportunity to disembark and enjoy a cheese tasting session before returning to their ship for the evening meal.

Meandering around the waters of Holland offers the opportunity to take in many sights and sounds, including cities such as Arnhem and Utrecht as well as visiting nearby Belgium. Fans of culture will be able to visit some of Holland's 18th century windmills as well as famous parklands. The Battle of Arnhem, one of the great tragedies of World War II, is remembered in the Airborne Museum Hartenstein, which passengers will have the time to visit.