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Date: 21/11/2011

Travel Insurance Price Comparisons

Whilst the UK is not officially back in a recession, the rising inflation and freeze on income means that many households are trying to cut their costs.

For those going on holiday it may be tempting to forego insurance but the risk of something happening if not covered could end up making the trip more expensive than a round the world cruise.

However, it is possible to find cheaper insurance by shopping around. The internet is great for travel insurance price comparison as it allows you to search for the best price for the most cover without feeling obligated to make a purchase by the salesperson.

One of the ways to get the best price is by ensuring that you are taking out the right kind of policy in the first place and not having to increase the cost further by adding on extra cover. For example, most insurers offer specific plans for golferswinter sports enthusiasts as well as those who like to backpack, with subtle differences in each type of cover.

For example, winter sports cover often includes specific insurance for piste closure as well as the more standard risks such as medical costs and lost baggage whereas backpacking policies tend to include cover for more unusual activities such as bungee jumping and rafting.

When carrying out a travel insurance comparison exercise, it is important to consider hidden extras which could make one company more affordable than another. For example, some policies include free insurance for children, making a family trip much cheaper than buying cover individually.

It is also worth thinking about how often you plan to travel. Anyone who goes overseas regularly or has more than one holiday a year may find that they need to include multi trip insurance in any travel insurance price comparison. It can work out much cheaper to have an annual policy rather than taking out insurance each time, not to mention far more convenient too.

Shopping around for insurance and not automatically accepting the package on offer at the travel agent can mean significant discounts, leaving more money to spend whilst away.