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Date: 04/09/2013

Travel Adventure - Top Tips

Here are our top tips for planning your travel adventure - don't forget to pack mosquito repellent!

1. Get an adventure guidebook

The internet is great for researching travel destinations and booking your trip, but nothing is better than an adventure guidebook - you can mark in it all the places you want to see with pen and post it notes and take it with you on holiday.

It doesn't need an internet connection or use expensive data abroad and when you finally bring it home, a bit dog-eared and worn, it will serve as a reminder of your great adventure.

Lonely Planet and Rough Guide are two of the best guide books and you'll find they provide guides to most major destinations.

2. Travel light

Whether you're taking off on a teaching trip to Tibet, hiking around the Himalayas or interailing across Europe, your travel guide will help you to travel light.

You should be able to pick up most of the things you need at your destination, particularly for longer stays, so pack your essential toiletries, chargers and clothes and top up on supplies once you arrive.

You'll thank us for this when its 40 degrees outside and your rucksack is nice and light.

3. Check out your destination

It helps to make sure the destination you're headed to is safe. One way of doing this is to check the foreign office website for any travel related news or warnings for the area you're travelling to.

If you're a woman travelling alone, you should read up as much as you can on the area. In some cities such as Marrakech, it's best not to be out at night or wander the souks alone, so you should always take a guide with you.

Make sure that you have the right insurance for your travel adventure in place to cover you in case the worst happens on your trip - a bad case of Delhi Belly could leave you shelling out hundreds of pounds in doctor's fees.

4. Think outside the box

Sometimes, the more remote and obscure a destination, the more exciting the adventure. Just because the most popular islands in the Caribbean are those that are easiest to get to, doesn't mean that's where you need to go.

Plan a holiday 'off the grid' and enjoy getting back to nature, whether that means jungle hikes searching for lost Mayan temples or elephant conservation in Sri Lanka.

5. Charge your camera

It sounds obvious, but always make sure your camera is fully charged, from the second you step off the plane - who knows what you might want to capture?

Pack a spare memory card as you're sure to take lots of photos on your travel adventure.