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Date: 23/10/2013

Top long haul flight destinations for winter

If you're considering taking off on holiday this winter, you might be thinking about heading to an exotic destination to escape the cold.

Chances are, this will involve a long haul flight, and for many people that means jet lag.

A long haul flight to Australia is around 24 hours - this gives you plenty of ‘me’ time to pamper and ensure you look your best when you reach your destination.

If you're lucky enough to be single or travelling without kids, you can really make the most of your long haul journey.

In an ideal world, fruit juice and water are the best drinks to hydrate you and ensure you arrive looking gorgeous, but why not treat yourself to a small glass of wine or a wine spritzer?

Cucumber mask

A long haul flight is the perfect time to apply a cooling eye mask or facial cream which will ensure your skin looks great when you land, and you could even doze off with a refreshing cucumber eye mask to rid you of puffy, jet-lagged eyes.

Jetting off to exotic destinations such as Thailand or China is also a great way to get your holiday started early.

Organise games to play with the kids, pack snack packs of your favourite foods or travel business class for a little bit of luxury.

You'll have plenty of time to get some shut eye once you're cruising the skies, and it's the perfect opportunity to get stuck into that new best seller you've been meaning to read.

The final destination

Imagine arriving at your resort, whether it’s a beach hut on a tiny Thai island or a luxury villa with a pool in New Zealand; you won't be able to resist snapping pictures of the sunny weather and golden sandy beaches and sending them to friends.

A long haul flight seems well worth it to enjoy a beach BBQ on Christmas Day, whilst the rest of Europe is covered in a layer of white, powdery snow.

Wherever you decide to jet off to on your next long haul flight, make sure that you have travel insurance in place to cover you - this is even more important when you're a million miles away from home.

Happy holiday!