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Date: 17/01/2014

Top holiday destinations for 2014

Nobody wants to be accused of being stuck in a rut, and 2014 is the perfect time to scout out some of these great destinations that offer something a little different from the norm.


Tiger Temple and Monkey Island? You'd be wrong if your first thought was, "Weren't they places in that badly dubbed kung fu film I watched?" The Krabi province is home to these stunning attractions, where you can see the monks caring for an array of different animals, or visit Monkey Island and mingle with the locals as they go about their day..


The Elaphite Islands offer a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life; immerse yourself in sandy beaches and pretty villages. Why not visit the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb or witness Roman influences at Pula Amphitheatre? No visit would be complete without seeing the sunsets of Zadar, reputedly a favourite of Alfred Hitchock.


Visit an elephant sanctuary, laze on white sandy beaches or head for one of the country's two world heritage sites; Old Goa is a sight to behold! Goan cuisine is famous for its spicy fish dishes and Goan fish curry with rice is a staple here.


This west African island is home to Bom Bom Island Resort, which welcomes only 600 tourists a year - it's a haven for nature lovers and you'll spot turtles, birds and whales during your stay.

French Polynesia

Renowned as home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, French Polynesia is still a haven for those looking to get off the beaten track. Don't miss snorkelling and shark diving in beautiful Bora Bora.


Ancient architecture and archaeological sites sit alongside modern resorts and some of the best food in Europe - Turkey is a definite hotspot for 2014. You'll find plenty of culture and history alongside great restaurants and shopping here.


Colonial architecture, music and art are just three reasons to visit Cuba - the fourth is the local people who are friendly and engaging. Cuba is colourful and filled with life, and set to be a popular destination this year.


Macchu Picchu has always drawn tourists, but Peru has become one of South America's foodie capitals, with innovative cuisine using locally sourced ingredients. Plus all that exploring will work up quite an appetite!


A country of contrasts, you'll find Buddhist temples and meditative scenes alongside the hustle and bustle of modern Tokyo - there's something for everyone in Japan. The weakening of the Yen this year has made Japan an affordable destination for 2014, so it's time to start saving!


Forget Spain and soak up the sun-drenched delights of Portugal. Portuguese food and wine is affordably priced, so a budget holiday is easy here. Don't miss the cobbled, winding alleyways of Alfama if you're looking to see the traditional side of Lisbon.

So whichever hotspot destination you chose for 2014; make sure you get travel insurance with to insure you are safe on your voyages of holiday discovery this year. Make it a travel adventure that won’t forget!