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Date: 15/01/2016

Top 10 Travel Apps We Can't Live Without

Duolingo Language App promotional image

There is nothing worse than downloading a gimmicky travel app, especially if we have paid for it. Here is our guide to 10 travel apps you won't be able to live without.

#1. Citymapper

Offering more detailed information for journey planning than Google, Citymapper can be used in around 30 cities across the globe − ideal for a city break. With real time updates and Uber integration, this is one app you must have.

Available free on iOS and Android

#2. XE Currency

No more struggling to convert currencies on your travels, as the world's most popular currency exchange website now has an app! Even better, the currency convertor functions when you are offline.

Available free on iOS and Android

#3. Splittr

Are you travelling with a group of friends? Splittr helps you to divide the costs between you − just enter your expenses on the go and let the app do the hard part. Splittr supports all currencies and even does the conversions for you.

Available for £1.49 on iOS

#4. Duolingo

This free language learning app is not going to make you fluent overnight, but it is a great way to learn the basics of a language or brush up on your grammar and vocabulary before a trip abroad. It also makes learning fun.

Available free on iOS and Android

#5. TripIt

Booking holidays online can be confusing when you end up with loads of different confirmation emails. Never fear − TripIt pulls information from your confirmation emails, which you share with the app, to create a single itinerary of flights, accommodation, events etc.

Available free on iOS and Android

#6. App in the Air

This flight tracking app keeps you updated on your flight status, even when you are offline, and can be integrated with TripIt.

Available free on iOS and Android

#7. Google Translate

This is an excellent way to translate written text you come across on your travels, such as street signs or menus. Coupled with Duolingo, you will feel like a local.

Available free on iOS and Android

#8. Wolfram Sun Exposure

Do you want to avoid sunburn? Enter your skin type into this app and it calculates how long is safe to spend in the sun, taking into account the location, time of day and the factor of the sun cream you have applied.

Available for £0.79 on iOS

#9. Time Out

The ultimate city guide for almost any city in the world, Time Out's directory lists restaurants, bars and attractions. There is even an event finder, with the facility to book tickets and make restaurant reservations using the app.

Available free on iOS and Android

#10. LiveTrekker

Do you want to create a digital travel journal? LiveTrekker tracks your route and creates an interactive map. Simply add photos, text, audio and video to create your own, shareable travel diary.

Available free on iOS and Android