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Date: 06/02/2014

Top 10 locations to visit on a budget

It's that time of year where we're all feeling the pinch. But just because you're feeling broke doesn't mean you can't travel. We've come up with the Top 10 locations to visit on a budget.

1. Cornwall

Holidaying in the UK has become more popular than ever this year, and Cornwall is a great destination for couples and families. Enjoy the beaches of Penzance and Marazion, visit St Michael's Mount or take in a show at the outdoor Minack Theatre - there's something for everyone to enjoy.

2. Paris

It might not be the first city you consider for a budget break, but you can holiday in Paris for less this spring. Budget hotels and hostels abound, most museums are free on the first Sunday of every month, and dining well on a tight budget is easy - croque monsieur anyone?

3. Portugal

Until now, Portugal has been less popular than Spain, but it's rising in popularity. Cheap, delicious food and wine, the sights of Lisbon and of course plenty of sunshine are just a few reasons to visit.

4. Ireland

Stay away from the bright lights of Dublin and check out some of the Emerald Isle's lesser known gems - quaint Kilkee and Galway are not to be missed, and the scenery here is nothing short of spectacular.

5. Edinburgh

For a budget family break or romantic weekend away, visit Edinburgh. Provided you avoid the busy summer months, you can find accommodation at guest houses or chain hotels just outside the city centre - make sure you don't miss out on a stroll down the Royal Mile with its cosy tea rooms and quaint boutiques.


A great option for a budget break, the 'Paris of the East' offers plenty for all ages. Dine on traditional Hungarian food and explore the Castle District for a holiday that won't cost a fortune.


Cheap beer, great food and magnificent Gothic architecture are three great reasons to visit Prague. If you need a fourth then Wenceslas Square is a must-see!

8. Majorca

Get away from the clubbing areas and Majorca is filled with Spanish charm - traditional food, friendly local people and stunning scenery abound. There are plenty of towns off the beaten track that are well worth exploring.

9. Romania

Probably best known as the home of Dracula, there are plenty of reasons to visit Romania. It's cheap to get around and local dishes such as Clatite (traditional Romanian pancakes with savoury or sweet fillings) are hearty and affordable.

10. Greece

Get away from the tourist hotspots and stay in the whitewashed village of Lindos, or head for quaint Pefkos in Rhodes - perfect for couples or families.

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