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Date: 26/01/2016

The Safest Places To Travel: Five Of The Most Peaceful Countries

Northern Finland. Photo by Timo Newton-Syms 
Northern Finland  Photo by Timo Newton-Syms

With the recent terror attacks and threats, many of us are wondering just where is left that is safe to travel to. While you should not let terror threats put you off your holiday − unless the Foreign Office has issued a warning not to travel − there are some places that are more peaceful than others, and we have put together our top five.

#1. Iceland

Only the 2008 financial crisis − and the odd volcanic eruption − has affected Iceland, making it top of the list as the safest country to travel to this year. Statistics from the Global Peace Index ranked Iceland as the safest country to travel to every year since the index began back in 2007. Whether you take a trip to see the northern lights, enjoy a city break in the capital of Reykjavik or hike across a glacier, Iceland has something to offer everyone − not to mention some of the most stunning scenery.

#2. Denmark

It may be one of the most expensive countries in the world, but it turns out it is also one of the most peaceful. You are unlikely to find yourself in trouble with a trip to Denmark, although sadly we can't say the same for your bank account. With a stable government, low crime and murder rates and a surprisingly low number of violent demonstrations, Denmark deserves its spot in second place. A weekend break in Copenhagen or a gastronomic trip to Aarhus, billed as Denmark's 'new culinary capital', will let you discover the delights of this country for yourself.

#3. Austria

Third on our list is Austria, with its low crime rates and high police presence. Austria may not be the first place that springs to mind for a spring or summer break, with many of us associating the country with winter sports breaks and snow-topped mountains; however, there are plenty of destinations here that are beautiful year round, such as Vienna and Salzburg.

#4. New Zealand

Coming in fourth place on the Global Peace Index is New Zealand, filming location for Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy. It is easy to see why life here is so peaceful - there is an amazing amount of natural beauty and crime rates are low, while the number of police is higher than in many other countries. A break here can be anything you want it to be. Many people come to New Zealand for an adventure holiday, whether hiking and trekking, zip-lining or surfing.

#5. Finland

Finally, there is Finland. If you have never considered a holiday here, now could be the time to visit - it is the fifth-safest country in the world right now. A winter break in Finnish Lapland is fun for the whole family, or visit during the summer months for some bear spotting. Which of these countries would you like to visit next year?