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Date: 08/06/2011

Tall campers get a boost with new extra-long sleeping bag

With many households in the country looking to save money, it is not just those seeking to escape on their backpacker travel insurance who are thinking of spending nights under canvas this summer.

However, as the nation grows taller, the dimensions of sleeping bags are being reconsidered, as the average size is leaving many campers with the cold shoulder.

A combination of good medicine, better nutrition as well as lifestyles being more prosperous in general, are the reasons why experts say the nation is getting taller, as nearly one in three males aged under 25 is over six feet in height. Research has shown that the average height of each generation is increasing by 0.75 inches.

Camping is also enjoying a revival in interest, with even families who are only taking one holiday a year on their single trip travel insurance considering camping as an option.

The new sleeping bag is 41% more roomy than the standard design, at 14 inches longer and 6 inches wider.

The sleeping bag is expected to prove a hit with anyone who is of above average height, whether they are regular campers exploring on backpacker travel insurance or even just occasional campers, staying overnight at festivals or on long weekends.

For those that have opted to stay in the UK on their single trip travel insurance plan, even when the days are hot, the nights outdoors can still get quite chilly and having a sleeping bag that is too small can lead to a miserable trip, with the cold disturbing sleep and size of the bag restricting sleeping positions.

Halfords, one of the retailers stocking the oversized bag, has said that buying the right sized sleeping bag is 'essential' and the new bags on sale offer a much needed 'wiggle factor' to the taller camper.