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Date: 31/03/2011

Taking it easy aboard the Glacier Express

For snow fans, a getaway out on the slopes makes the perfect holiday but as the old saying goes, a change is as good as a rest and taking some time away from the skis to enjoy some of the surrounding countryside could be just what the doctor ordered.

For those travelling on their winter sports travel insurance, an excursion on the Glacier Express, dubbed the world's slowest express train, could give aching limbs the chance to recuperate. Taking over seven monumental hours to reach Zermatt after setting out from St Moritz, the train ascends up into the heavens, crossing 291 bridges and burrowing through 91 tunnels en route.

The views from the express offer the best that Switzerland has to offer, with no other excursion offering a similar experience, regardless of the number of trips taken on an annual multi trip travel insurance policy. Fresh mountain springs, colossal sheets of rock, roaring alpine rivers and unspoilt countryside all await passengers aboard the express.

For those not wanting to engage in any winter sports travel insurance will cover a different type of holiday to the Alps. Some tour operators now offer an entire packaged based around the route of the Glacier Express, with the journey broken down into small chunks, allowing stop-offs at hotels and towns along the way and the opportunity to enjoy expeditions such as a cruise on Lake Geneva.

For those who can bear to tear themselves away from their skis, they will find that Switzerland has a lot more to offer than just good winter sports. The Glacier Express track, including the famous Landwasser Viaduct, is an example of the beautiful Swiss architecture that will make holidaymakers want to use their annual multi trip travel insurance to return time and time again.