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Regular travel insurance gives your gadgets limited cover. Add on Gadget Travel Insurance to get the full benefit from our great cover.

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Date: 07/04/2013

Taking Gadgets Abroad

It's easy to see why most of us can't live without our gadgets - look around you at any one time and you'll probably be surrounded by them.


From smartphones, MP3 players and tablets to laptop computers, e-readers and digital cameras, the list is endless - we all rely on these little bundles of technology to connect, create and share things with those closest to us.


When you're packing to go on holiday, think about how many gadgets you're taking with you - you might be surprised. Most of us will take a mobile phone and camera, but some of us might also pack an MP3 player and e-reader, as well as a netbook or tablet for work or watching movies.


At home, you might have gadget insurance in addition to your contents insurance, to protect your precious items. But when you're travelling, your gadget insurance is usually no longer valid.


It makes sense to take out a specific gadget travel insurance policy, available from many leading travel insurance providers, to protect your gadgets if the worst happens.


Imagine waking up to find you've knocked a glass of water over your smartphone, or having your e-reader or tablet stolen.


It can be devastating to lose one of your valuable gadgets, particularly as these items are often costly to replace. Most gadget travel insurance policies will cover you for accidental damage, loss, theft and malicious damage.


You usually need to add gadget travel insurance to your policy as an optional extra - so whether you're taking family travel insurance, single or multi-trip cover, simply select the level of gadget insurance you require.


Prices vary but usually start at around £5; of course, if you're a gadget addict you may pay slightly more for your policy!


The gadgets we rely on nowadays are a great way for us to feel comfortable and relaxed on holiday - where would you be without your music on the beach, your e-reader for that long train journey or your mobile phone to keep in touch with friends back home?


Never underestimate how devastating it can be to lose or damage your valuable possessions on holiday and make sure that you're fully covered before you jet off to sunnier climes.