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If you're planning to travel to just one destination this year, all you really need to worry about when you're setting off on holiday this summer is basic single-trip travel insurance.

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Date: 23/07/2013

Single Trip Travel insurance for your Summer Break

The world of travel insurance can be a confusing one, from multi-trip annual cover to family travel insurance, backpackers insurance and gadget insurance. Our Single Trip Travel Insurance Policy offers a great price and all the cover you'll need.


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It's easy to buy our great deals online; from single trip travel insurance to multi-trip annual travel insurance with gadget cover, we have a policy to cover everything a traveller could need. Always double check which countries are included in your cover as you fill in the details in our easy-booking online form.

Basic single-trip cover starts from around £5, so there really is no excuse to avoid paying for travel insurance for your summer break.


The Benefits of Travel Insurance

When you consider the benefits of travel insurance, it's easy to see why it's so important to make sure you're covered:


  • Medical cover (usually up to £10 million) - this will not only pay for doctor's appointments and prescriptions, but also emergency medical care and hospital fees including ambulance charges and private care.
  • Baggage and document cover - this will cover you in case your luggage is lost or stolen, or in case anything happens to your travel documents such as your passport and can be invaluable should the worst happen.
  • Cancellation/curtailment cover - if your plans are cancelled (for unforeseen circumstances) then you'll be fully compensated.


As you can see, basic single-trip travel insurance carries a number of benefits.


Optional Extras for Travel Insurance

Of course, there are extras you can add to your single-trip travel insurance, depending on your requirements.

If you're travelling with a range of gadgets, such as your e-reader, smartphone, digital camera and netbook, it's a good idea to protect yourself with gadget insurance, which will cover you for damage or theft to any of your items.

Other optional cover available includes winter sports cover or cover for other activities such as extreme sports or golf.

You really can't afford to be without competitively priced travel insurance for your summer break this year - but remember, if you're going to be travelling more than once in the next 12 months, it could work out cheaper to take multi-trip annual cover, which will cover you no matter how many times you travel over the course of the year.