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Date: 27/10/2014

Power of the customer at insurefor

Choose a reliable insurer

People choose for their holiday insurance because they know they'll not only get a great deal, but also benefit from dealing with a trustworthy, reliable insurance provider. How do they know this? The highly rated independent reviews on Feefo give customers peace of mind when buying a travel insurance policy from What's more, because Feefo travel insurance reviews are completely independent, you know you're getting honest opinions from real customers.

Easy to navigate

The reviews posted by customers are easy to navigate - each review includes the date and time it was posted, so you can search for the most recent reviews, as well as the type of policy purchased. This means it's a great way to see reviews for the specific policy you're planning on purchasing, such as single trip travel insurance. You can, of course, see the rating: Excellent, Good, Poor or Bad, as well as a written review by each customer. There's even a column where can respond to their reviews, so if a customer has expressed concerns, you can see what has been done to resolve their problems!

Peace of mind

Seeing other people's experiences with a company can help sway your purchasing decisions, and when it comes to travel insurance, you need to know you're choosing a reputable insurance provider that you can trust. Nobody wants to be stuck abroad in hospital with a travel insurance provider back home who is unwilling to pay out or hard to contact! With Feefo travel insurance reviews, you get the opportunity to read real reviews from real customers who have purchased holiday insurance from The highly rated reviews will give you peace of mind and the reassurance you need to purchase your travel insurance, whether you need single trip cover for backpacking in the Himalayas or family insurance for your summer holiday.

So pause for a few seconds next time you're shopping online for travel insurance, and think about the questions you have. Most of them can probably be answered by reading through some of the reviews of on Feefo.