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Date: 26/05/2011

P&O fleet set to mark 175 years with themed cruises

Passengers who have enjoyed many a trip on the high seas on their over 65 travel insurance may be interested to know that next year, cruising giant P&O is set to mark its 175th anniversary.

The Peninsular Steam Navigation Company was originally formed in 1837 and to celebrate the occasion, the company is planning to have all of its cruise liners docked in Southampton together, before setting sail together in an historic event.

Holidaymakers looking to enjoy a special holiday on their cruise travel insurance will be able to enjoy a special themed cruise, with each liner displaying heritage decorations and a champagne party on deck. The celebrations will involve a big send off party with confetti and a marching band, as the seven ships sail off in procession, down the waters of Southampton before regrouping in the open waters of the English Channel. Once the ships are gathered together a salute will be made to wish each other 'bon voyage,' before heading off in different directions to enjoy their individual 'Grand Event' cruise.

Even passengers who have enjoyed many journeys on their cruise travel insurance will be able to enjoy the uniqueness of the event and the knowledge that they are taking part in an historic celebration.

As well as the usual fare to entertain cruisers, the ships' passengers will be treated to a special Gala dinner to commemorate the 175th anniversary, with guest speakers and exhibitions displaying the history of the company.

Holidaymakers travelling on their over 65 travel insurance who have enjoyed many voyages over the years, may even recognise some photographs from previous trips or destinations they have visited before on one of the P&O fleet. The mood will be very much one of rejoicing and celebrating the past as well as excitement about the future of Britain's largest cruising firm.