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Date: 18/12/2013

Mobile Concierge for Travellers

There's no denying that we're all more connected than ever thanks to smartphones and tablets. What’s more, mobile devices have opened up new ways for people to book and organise their travel online with the development of the mobile concierge.

However, with great power comes great responsibility; customers now expect more from travel companies such as real-time answers to their queries.

Expectations of customer service have increased and people expect to be able to customise their travel from any location and at any time before travelling, during their holidays and upon returning home.

Mobile concierge

Mobile concierge services have improved holidays for families, couples and singles whilst allowing travel companies to develop closer relationships with their customers, meeting their wants and needs.

Recently, several apps have been developed to meet traveller's needs; here are some of the best:

TUI Travel's Digital Assistant app is available to offer advice to customers before their departure and during their trip, even upon return to the UK.

Plans are afoot to turn the app into a mobile concierge service which will provide customers with help whilst travelling and inspiration for their next holiday.

YourSingapore Guide app has been developed by the Singapore Tourist Board to help visitors to personalise their own unique experience of Singapore.

Other concierge apps such as InterContinental Hotels' Concierge Insider Guides app provide a link to company concierges in 127 locations across the globe.

Customer service

With the sale of smartphones on the rise and predicted to top 1,400 million units by 2017, there has never been a better time for the travel industry to jump on board the growing trend for mobile concierge services.

By 2017, the mobile channel is estimated to account for over 30% of online travel sales, and tablets and smartphones will become the key area to focus on for customer service in the travel industry over the next 5 years.

Major players in the travel industry will need to quickly adopt their own mobile concierge services so that they don't lose out on business and to allow them to meet customer's needs.

Any companies creating their own mobile concierge apps and services will need to focus on personalised advice and customer requests for feedback and assistance as these are key areas for growth.

With more people owning smartphones and tablets than ever before and the industry only set to continue growing, we can expect to see more mobile concierge apps and services available for customers travelling in the near future.