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Date: 03/09/2020 updates its COVID-19 insurance policies to include cover for travel against FCO advice has updated its policies, making it the first travel insurance brand to provide cover when travelling against FCO advice whilst simultaneously protecting consumers against COVID-related issues both pre-departure and whilst abroad.

The policies have been updated to help instil consumer confidence around travelling and ensure people continue to go on their holidays as planned when flight and accommodation services are still operating, even if the destination is removed from the UK Government’s travel corridors list.

The updated policies allow consumers to travel against FCO advice but only when it relates to COVID-19 – exclusion will still apply for all other reasons, e.g. natural disasters, civil unrest etc. While the updated FCO-related policy is currently only applicable to European destinations, is working on including other non-European countries which will be announced soon.

As well as including cover for travel against FCO advice to European countries, the benefits of the existing policies will stay the same to ensure consumers are fully protected (including cancellation as standard) and include:


Before your trip:

- Cover if you test positive for coronavirus within 14 days before your holiday

- Cover for if you have been hospitalised within 28 days of your holiday

- Cover if you are not allowed to board your flight as a result of a positive coronavirus test or raised temperature

- The policy can be cancelled if the UK or your local area enters lockdown again within 14 days of purchase


On your trip:

-  Cover if you have checked in at your holiday accommodation but they need to close as a result of the coronavirus

-  Medical cover included if you catch coronavirus whilst you are abroad

-  Cover if it is medically necessary to bring you home

-  Cover for additional accommodation and travelling costs if you contract coronavirus whilst you are abroad


Consumers will not have to pay an additional cost for the new FCO cover – it will automatically be included when they purchase travel insurance from

Antony Martin, Managing Director at says: “Following the successful launch of our COVID-19 protection insurance earlier this summer, we are excited to announce that our policies have been updated to allow consumers to travel against FCO advice to European destinations. There continues to be confusion around which destinations are safe to travel to and concerns around the implementation of travel restrictions at short notice from the government. We know that a  significant number of travellers are continuing to travel on their pre-booked holidays against FCO advice, when the flight and accommodation services are still operating, which has potentially left 100,000s of people travelling with invalid insurance over the last two months.

We therefore wanted to update our policies to give consumers the option to continue with their holiday plans knowing that they are covered by their travel insurance, should their chosen destination be removed from the travel corridors list either before or during their trip. It is important to note that, through our updated policies, we are not sending leisure travel insurance customers into war torn countries, they are mainly going to relax with their families and have a very normal holiday in destinations that may even have  lower numbers of COVID-19 cases than the UK. We trust that our customers will adhere to the necessary social distancing and hygiene measures in their chosen holiday destination to ensure they stay safe and healthy during their trip whilst knowing that they will be covered by their travel insurance.”

Example price: Travel insurance for a five-night stay in Malta costs from £7.90pp for standard cover or £14.20 per couple for standard cover which includes COVID-protection for pre-departure and whilst abroad and cover for travel against FCO advice.