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Date: 13/05/2013 offering great competitive prices for Travel Insurance

Gone are the days when shopping for travel insurance involved having a quick chat with your travel agent whilst you booked your hotel and flight. Today, savvy consumers are heading online for the most competitive travel insurance deals around - travel insurance costs less than you might think!

A Necessary Expense

Some of us might be tempted to jet off on holiday without shelling out for travel insurance; but it's really not a good idea. What if you're taken ill on holiday and require treatment by a doctor, or worse, have an accident which requires you to be hospitalised? Medical fees in other countries can quickly run into hundreds of thousands of pounds, particularly in countries where the health service is privatised!

One less Worry

If you're backpacking across Asia, you're going to be on the go, a lot. One night here and another night there and it could become all too easy to lose things, whether you leave your MP3 player behind or simply can't find your passport. Most travel insurance includes you cover for your travel documents and it's easy to add gadget cover to your travel insurance policy.

Travel as Much as you Like

Whether you're taking a single trip to France for the weekend or planning three or four trips abroad this year, offer low cost travel insurance to suit, from single trip to multi trip cover which will protect you no matter how many times you travel during the course of the year.

Optional Extras

There are plenty of optional extras you can add to your policy. Here are just a few of the extras you can add to your policy when you buy cover from

Golfing cover

Gadget cover

Cruise insurance

Over 65 insurance

Backpacker cover

Winter Sports cover

Ski insurance

Family holiday insurance

There really is something for everyone and with single trip cover starting at just a few pounds, organising your travel insurance takes just a few clicks (and won't hurt your bank balance!)

Family Cover

If you're travelling with the whole family this summer, you could make significant savings by taking out family holiday insurance as opposed to separate policies - this ensures that the whole family are covered for lost or stolen property and medical bills, so you have peace of mind.

You really can't afford to be without travel insurance and with the low cost cover available on there is no excuse!