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Date: 20/01/2012

Holiday Travel Cover

So, you are off on your holidays and you plan to blast the blues away by enjoying all the activities that the resort can offer, from banana-boating to backpacking, scuba-diving to skiing.

But before you set off on your adventure, have you stopped to check whether your travel insurance covers everything you plan to do?

Most travel-insurance policies cover a range of basic holiday activities, typically things such as snorkelling or a spot of jet skiing. However, slightly more hazardous activities such as parasailing or rock climbing will not usually be covered as part of the standard package.

But that doesn't mean travel insurance is no use – quite the opposite, planning a more active break means that holiday travel cover is more important than ever.

The vast majority of insurers will provide holidaymakers with the opportunity to upgrade their cover to include activities they know they are likely to want to try. In most cases, there are several levels of protection which cover increasingly hazardous activities, so it's simply a case of deciding what you are likely to want to try.

This is especially important for anyone with an annual policy who has several holidays each year. The policy can be adjusted to make sure that any additional elements are covered, even if they weren't included at the outset. For example, you may not have planned to have a skiing holiday and so did not select the winter-sports option. If this changes and you crave some fresh mountain air, make sure that you ask your insurer to top up your policy to include skiing travel insurance cover.

Reading through the small print in your insurance policy may not head your list of the most exciting pre-holiday preparations, but making sure you understand what you are and are not covered for could end up saving you a small fortune if you have a mishap.