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Date: 08/04/2011

High Speed Rail Linking London and Frankfurt Steaming Ahead

With Europe an ever-popular destination for those looking to make the most of their backpacker travel insurance as well as business travellers, a new high speed rail link is set to go live in the next two years, linking Germany and London, directly, for the first time.

The scheme is set to be operated by Deutsche Bahn who plan to run the service between Frankfurt, Cologne, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and London, making the continent easy to reach for everyone, from seasoned travellers to those just looking for some time away on a single trip travel insurance policy. The trains are expected to reach speeds of 200 mph and carry in excess of one million passengers annually.

However, the proposal has been hampered with resistance from French quarters, who were opposed to the safety aspects of the trains DB plans to run, with particular concerns over the high speed express trains. An independent body is expected to clear the trains shortly, enabling the service to go ahead.

With the high speed link vital not just to tourists travelling on backpacker travel insurance but business travellers wanting to reach the continent quickly and conveniently, both David Cameron and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, are said to have discussed the issue with the French government.

France's issue with the trains arose from a new model due to be manufactured by Siemens, which incorporated a motor under each carriage. With the intergovernmental commission split over the issue, a second opinion was sought from the European Railways Agency, who are expected to give the design the green light.

With air travel increasingly hit by delays and rising prices, many Europeans will be willing to consider alternative ways to travel around the continent and with mode of transport covered by all kinds of insurance, including single trip travel insurance, the launch of the locomotive is set to prove very popular.