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Date: 10/06/2013

Going away on multiple trips this year? Why not take out our Annual Multi Trip policy

With the weather in the UK being unable to make up its mind this year, we're all feeling the need for some sunshine. Gone are the days when families saved and headed off for one holiday a year - higher earning professionals are now able to afford several holidays and many people travel several times in one year for business. Whether you're heading off abroad on a business trip or taking the family away for a city break, you need to ensure that your travel insurance will cover you.

Annual Multi-trip Policy

Whilst single trip travel insurance starts from just a few pounds, if you're travelling multiple times in one year, it makes sense to take out annual multi-trip travel insurance. This type of insurance will let you travel as many times as you like within 12 months and with annual travel insurance from starting at around £33, it really does offer excellent value for money! With family annual insurance, kids are covered completely free, saving you even more money. You'll benefit from all the cover single trip travel insurance offers - that's up to £10 million worth of medical cover and £5,000 cancellation cover if your travel plans are cancelled or curtailed unexpectedly.

Do I Really Need Insurance?

Imagine if you became ill whilst travelling, or were injured and needed hospital treatment? Medical expenses in other countries can quickly mount up and you could find yourself needing hundreds of thousands of pounds to pay for your care. When the worst happens, travel insurance will ensure that help is only a phone call away - you can call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whether you have a query about your policy or need to make a claim.

Additional Extras

You also have the option to add extras to your policy - for example, if you're travelling with your digital camera, e-reader, MP3 player and tablet, you might want to take out gadget cover as an optional extra. For those taking part in winter sports or heading off on a backpacking holiday, specialist cover is available.

You really can't afford to be without travel insurance when you jet off abroad, so whether you have already booked several trips for the coming year or just think there's a chance you'll be heading off to foreign climes more than once in the next 12 months, it makes sense to save money with annual multi-trip insurance.