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Date: 13/11/2013

Gadget geeks, protect your precious gadgets for less on holiday

These days, you don't have to be a gadget geek to suddenly realise you own more gadgets than you ever thought possible - look around you and what do you see? A smartphone, laptop, tablet, netbook, MP3 player, portable speakers, bluetooth headset, e-reader....the list is endless and ever-growing! If you own even a few gadgets, you'll know how precious they are and how you grow to depend on them and the chances are you have them insured at home, in case they're lost, stolen or damaged. So it makes perfect sense to ensure that you protect your gadgets when you travel, if you think about it!

Cheap insurance for your gadgets

With cheap gadget travel insurance from a company such as, you can choose from three levels of cover, for up to 7 gadgets, so you'll be protected no matter how much technology you're taking with you on your trip. Gadget travel insurance will cover you for accidental damage - for example, if you spill some of that delicious cocktail on your e-reader on the beach, or accidentally stand on your iPhone as you get out of bed, but it will also cover you for theft or malicious damage, so if your handbag is stolen, there's no need to stress, as you're protected!

Stay safe on holiday

Even though your gadget travel insurance is there to protect you, you still need to ensure you're safe on holiday, so make sure you stay sensible no matter where in the world you're travelling. Don't take risks that you wouldn't take at home - for example, don't walk home alone in the dark or get in an unlicensed taxi. You should also be aware of your possessions when using public transport as pick-pockets can be rife, especially in big cities. Keep your hand on your bag at all times and try to avoid using expensive gadgets in quiet areas or late at night, to avoid the risk of theft. It goes without saying that you shouldn't leave your e-reader and smartphone on display on your sun lounger when you head for a dip in the pool or the sea - leave them out of sight in a bag or ensure somebody stays with your possessions whilst you're having fun.

With just a little bit of forward planning, you can ensure your gadgets are protected whilst you're on your travels, whether you're spending a week in Prague or backpacking around South America for a month. After all, how would you survive without Facebook and instagram if the worst happened?

To ensure your gadgets are protected not just while you are on holiday, head to for your fully comprehensive gadget insurance.