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Date: 18/07/2012

Feel at ease on your family holiday

Family holidays, especially those with very young children, can provoke a mixed reaction because of the challenges of travelling. You may be desperate to get away from it all but the hassle of preparing for every eventuality while you are away can almost make it seem to like too much effort.

If you have babies or very young children, making arrangement to take buggies and car seats can be awkward, whilst older toddlers and those under the age of ten will probably insist on taking every toy in their bedroom. And it doesn't get any easier when they reach their teenage years; if anything, keeping them happy is even more of a challenge!

And of course, there is always the fear that something might happen. When it's just you and a partner, any potential problem feels easier to deal with. But when you are travelling with children, the notion of a mishap is somehow far more disturbing. The thought of an accident, or crucial piece of luggage going missing can make it difficult for you to feel at ease on your family holiday.

It is therefore essential to make sure you get the necessary protection in place before you travel. And if this sounds like a bit of a headache, it might be worth considering an annual policy so you don't need to think about it every time you plan a holiday.

Falling ill, misplacing your passport or simply having your wallet stolen can seem like an insurmountable problem if you are in a foreign country with children who are relying on you to look after them. Knowing that there is help just at the other end of a telephone, can make a huge difference and set your mind at ease, leaving you free to relax and enjoy your holiday…once you have worked out how to keep the kids entertained….