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Date: 26/08/2014

Far from the maddening crowd

If the idea of chaotic congestion in New York or queues to see the Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris just doesn’t float your boat, the good news is that there are some great off-the-beaten-track holiday destinations that you can check out this year. So grab a bestseller, pack your suntan lotion and prepare to relax at one of these remote destinations for the perfect way to unwind....


If you're a regular hiker, why not consider the ultimate trekking experience? Trek Nepal's Great Himalaya Trail - from end to end its 1,056 miles will take around 152 days. You'll cross the country from the Kanchenjunga region of the east to the west's Tibetan borderlands. Remote villages that have lain unchanged for centuries and beautiful passes are just some of the sights you'll see on your adventure - the sunsets here are quite spectacular.

Arctic expedition

What could be more awe-inspiring than a voyage through the Arctic? Book a trip on a luxury cruise ship or travel on a traditional three-masted sailing ship. With the midnight sun providing 24 hours of sunlight a day, you have even more opportunity to spot humpback and bowhead whales whilst taking in the breathtaking icebergs and stunning scenery.

Horse-riding in Cuba

Cuba may not be the first place that springs to mind when you consider a destination for a peaceful break, but bear with us! Wild horse riding is a unique and beautiful way to explore the area. Cuba's Pinar del Rio province is where traditional cowboys, or vaqueros, once rode across the land. Now you can follow their trail across fertile farmland, taking in underground caverns and spotting wildlife as you go.


Renowned for its lush, palm-fringed beaches and historic temples, Goa attracts thousands of visitors a year. Yet there are still plenty of unspoilt beaches and off-the-beaten-track villages where life has remained unchanged for centuries. Shop at Anjuna Market, or take a jeep ride to Dudhsagar Falls, where you can swim underneath the spectacular waterfall. The islands of Chorao and Divar are a short ferry ride from Ribandar, a village just outside the capital city of Panaji. On Chorao island, Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, best navigated by canoe, is home to Goan crocodiles and a variety of birds. Or head for Divar island where you can see Piedade, a tiny Goan village which has hardly changed in the last century.