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Date: 04/05/2011

English Duo narrowly miss Gold Medal in China

Fans of exploring the world on their golf travel insurance will be interested to know that a Surrey duo have just returned from a tournament in China, with one of the pair narrowly missing out on the top spot in the competition. However, for those wondering why the names of Richard Skeggs and Oliver Florence are not well-known, the answer is that this was a slightly different version of the sport: minigolf.

Many holidaymakers, while enjoying some time away on their annual multi trip travel insurance have had a go at a resort's minigolf course, probably blissfully unaware that there is a whole industry dedicated to the pursuit of the sport.

Skeggs and Florence are both semi professional competitors and have taken part in several competitions on the British Minigolf Association tour. The latest tournament in China featured fellow competitors from Japan, Iran, Nigeria, Germany, Taiwan and the US and was a three day event. Skeggs had a particularly successful tournament, finishing second and just three shots behind the German winner. Florence ,unfortunately, missed the cut for the final day but despite that, still managed to finish half way up the leader board in 14th place.

For those who enjoy the opportunity to make the most of their golf travel insurance, the story should offer some hope, as both Skeggs and Florence have only been playing at this level for less than a year. Despite their inexperience, the pair attended press conferences and took part in both the opening and closing ceremonies of the tournament, a feat that just a couple of years ago they never would have dreamed of doing.

With Britain ranked 24th out of 30 countries, the sport offers those looking to do something different with their annual multi trip travel insurance an interesting opportunity.