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Date: 19/02/2015

emerging travel trends - where will they take you?

The World Travel Market Report 2014 has predicted several trends for 2015, but how will they influence your travel plans this year? We look at a few emerging trends to see.

Cycling holidays

It's predicted that cycling holidays will outstrip golfing holidays in terms of popularity this year, with more middle-aged men than ever before swapping their clubs for two wheels. An active break is a great way to keep fit, and whether you stay here in the UK, head to Europe or further afield, cycling holidays are a great way to see more of a destination on a budget, whilst staying active - they're also the ideal choice for families.

The rise of the 'Poshtel'

The report also predicts that 'Poshtels' - luxury, affordable hostels which plan to give boutique hotels a run for their money in terms of amenities - will become increasingly popular with 'stylish and cost-conscious' Brits. We all like a little luxury in our lives, and although the balance between the budget surroundings of a hostel and high-tech facilities, free Wi-Fi and breakfast could be a delicate one to strike, the cheap but chic approach is sure to pay off. Simon Press, Senior Director of World Travel Market, said, "Poshtels are more than a buzzword. They represent a viable accommodation option for a number of travel segments and are helping to raise standards across the entire UK hospitality sector. If you're looking for affordable luxury accommodation, the poshtel could be for you!

Change the way you book

Planning your holiday could become easier than ever before in 2015, with wearable smart devices such as Google Glass and smart watches becoming increasingly popular. Just don't forget your gadget travel insurance if you plan on jetting off abroad with such expensive technology! The World Travel Market report said, "35% of online travel booking will be done with mobile devices by 2018." With sales of wearable mobile devices set to experience sharp growth, you could find yourself booking your next break using your watch! Cheap gadget travel insurance not only protects you should you accidentally damage your smart device, it also means that if it's stolen, you'll be covered.

Other trends covered by the report include the rising popularity of cooking lessons or home-cooked meals at your destination, visiting local people and learning how they cook and eat. What better way to immerse yourself in the culture of a new village, town or city than by eating good local food cooked by a local in their home? Websites such as Bookalokal and EatWith are headlining this new trend and have experienced rapid growth across Europe. So you could be dining with a family in Spain or enjoying home-cooked food in Marrakech before you know it!