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Date: 04/05/2011

Els relieved over South African Open date change

Fans of golf often have a favourite player and when not taking the opportunity to make the most of their own golf travel insurance, many enthusiasts of the sport like to follow the fortunes of a famous golfer. However, a tournament without the top names is never quite the same, which is why the big hullabaloo arose about an Australian and South African tournament scheduled to take place in the same week.

Those holidaying on their annual multi trip travel insurance often plan their vacations around the scheduling of the major events, but the Presidents Cup in Australia and South Africa were rather bizarrely scheduled to take place at the same time. Despite the same players being eligible for both competitions, organisers had planned for both tournaments to take place in the week of 17 November.

Five of the six top ranked players in the Presidents Cup are South African, with all of the same players finishing in the top 10 in the South African Open in 2010. Amateur golfers who like to enjoy the game while holidaying on their golf travel insurance, will be well aware that playing a tournament in their home country is something every professional sportsman aspires to.

It's therefore little surprise that top South African golfer, Ernie Els, was livid when he discovered the two tournaments clashed. However, speaking at the Masters, Els confirmed an agreement had been reached between the organisers with the South African Open being put back by one week. Els put part of the blame for the mix-up at the feet of the European Tour, as they co-sanction the dates for the South African Open.

Whoever was at fault for the clash, fans of the sport hoping to travel to both tournaments on their annual multi trip travel insurance will be relieved to hear that PGA officials have been able to come to a compromise.