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Date: 04/05/2011

Dutch Dream of 2018 Ryder Cup

With the Masters for 2011 now over, attention has turned to the next big news in golf and many are talking about the bid for the venue for the 2018 Ryder Cup, due to be hosted in Europe. However, those used to holidays on their golf travel insurance may be somewhat puzzled to not have previously encountered the course being proposed for the tournament. This is because it has not yet been built.

Holidaymakers visiting Holland on their annual multi trip travel insurance will already know that the country has many fine links courses, arguably some of the best in the continent. The intended venue in Rotterdam would use a new course, to offer golfing fans an experience unlike any other they have ever had.

Golf is well known for being a stickler for its traditions and the radical Dutch approach may shock some at first. However, fans who have explored Europe on their golf travel insurance and also attended tournaments, will understand the frustrations involved in the set up of many existing clubs. Holland's bid tries to circumvent the flaws in the current system, making the best environment for both golfer and spectator.

The bid team enlisted the services of a crowd management consultancy, which jointly arrived at the idea of constructing grandstands, not just at selected holes, but all around the course. Each grandstand would provide views over multiple holes and would be covered for the fans' comfort. Large flat screen TVs and iPad applets would also contribute to the vision to bring the golfing experience up to date. A smart ticketing system would be in place, allowing fans to move between grandstands, offering a pre-defined route and avoiding some of the disorganised crushes that currently occur.

The Dutch dream of not just hosting the Ryder Cup but providing such a satisfying experience that fans will want to use their annual multi trip travel insurance to visit time and time again.