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Date: 08/08/2011

Cruising the Amazon in the house that thinks its a boat

The mighty waters of the Amazon stretch out for hundreds of thousands of square miles leaving plenty of choice for passengers who want to travail its lengths on their cruise travel insurance.

The Peruvian stretch of water is one of the least visited, with just four river cruises currently sailing in the area. However, a new boy in town has just started to glide on the Amazon's murky depths giving passengers a whole new experience.

The Aria brings to mind a three floor sprawling mansion which has detached from its land-base and is now fated to drift along the shores of the Amazon. The overall impression is certainly not nautical and its stately lounge area, complete with bar and library is certain to make those travelling on their over 65 travel insurance forget they are sailing down the waters of the world's largest river. Until of course a glance out of the window brings sights of lush green rainforest and an array of multi coloured birds.

The cabins inside provide all the comforts that those more used to sailing on the ocean on their cruise travel insurance will be used to, with 16 suites available complete with air conditioning, king sized beds plus a refreshing rain shower.

However, for those wanting to stretch their legs, excursions are available into the depths of the rainforest – but it is advisable to check with your over 65 travel insurance provider before you depart that these trips will be included in your cover. The cruise ship provides around four local guides who are a font of knowledge on not only local flora and fauna, but also the history of the area, as well as local customs.

A cruise on the Aria is like something from Bedknobs and Broomsticks – the chance to enjoy all the comforts of home whilst taking in the tropical sights and sounds of the jungle.