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Date: 25/03/2011

Cold Comfort: A Cruise Around Iceland and Greenland

Think of a cruise and what springs to mind? Lying on a lounger on a sun-drenched deck, a long, iced drink in hand, perhaps contemplating a dip in the pool when the heat becomes a bit too much? Some passengers enjoying a trip on their cruise travel insurance have plumped for a somewhat different experience.

With flying not only environmentally unfriendly, but also increasingly subject to delays, hidden costs and staff walk-outs, using cruise travel insurance as a way to see the world has become the new way to holiday. However, for those who are not fans of the heat or maybe those on over 65 travel insurance just looking for something different, taking to the sea no longer just means one long sunbathing expedition.

Northerly sailing holidays are gaining in popularity with some of the landscapes that can be seen truly spectacular. Gliding through icy still waters, with the breath-taking yet somewhat disturbing sight of ice glaciers nearby, can make for an experience unlike any other.

Countries such as Greenland and Iceland are both very accessible by boat and for those aged over 65 travel insurance is just as easy to arrange as for any other age group. Excursions onto the land can be co-ordinated as part of the cruise package, with so-called glacier safaris a popular option.

For those hoping to find the relaxing holiday that cruises are famed for, a trip to one of the Northern European countries would not be complete without a soak in one of the famous sulphur spas, an experience which devotees claim does wonders for the skin.

The holidays really are a voyage across the seas as setting off from Southampton and taking in Ireland means no flying is required. As well as conventional liners, a truly Viking experienced can be enjoyed with tall ships also running tours of the oceans.